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08 May 2017
Despite being mostly unresolvable by current-generation global climate models, equatorial islands play an outsized role in setting the mean regional to basin-sale climate, influencing its variability, and determining the local...
10 May 2017
Earth is a unique terrestrial planet on which plate tectonics operates. On a similar terrestrial planet like Venus (~95 % size of Earth), there is no evidence for plate tectonics...
12 May 2017
Coral reefs are well developed in Hengchun Peninsula, Hsiaoliuchio Island, South Penghu Islands, Green Island, Orchid Island, Dongsha (Pratas) Atoll, and Nansha (Spratly) Taiping Island in Taiwan. Coral species diversity...
23 May 2017
Least action principle provides a radically different paradigm for river research by identifying the attractor that controls river channel self-adjustment and evolution. It links advances in theoretical physics to an...
18 Jun 2017
The Megathrust Dynamics Symposium, part of the 14th International Conference on Fracture, will take place on Rhodes, Greece, in June 18-23, 2017. The symposium will gather experts in various aspects...

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