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Undergraduate Programme

The combination of fieldwork, theory and laboratory work give the students of our highly selective major programmes a unique skillset. Our overseas field courses are particularly appreciated; not only do they provide opportunity to connect with faculty and fellow students in a collaborative and fun environment, but also to practice leadership, group work, critical thinking, and innovative problem-solving skills.

Small cohorts enable an interactive learning environment, where students become a part of the multicultural and friendly ASE community. We encourage students who are interested in gaining international experience to pursue a semester abroad within our comprehensive study abroad programme.

Undergraduate News

Discovering Bali beyond the tourist attractions and resorts during ASE's 3 week long Introductory Field Course turned out to be an eye-opening experience for ASE student Grace Tan. She shares her story of the rocks, plankton and people of Bali in a commentary in Today Online.

Read the commentary by Grace Tay in Today Online here

The second batch graduating as Bachelor of Environmental Earth System Science celebrated convocation yesterday. Our warmest congratulations to all our graduating students! 

Plastic is quickly becoming the most widespread marine pollutant on shorelines worldwide. During the recent ASE Introductory Field Course (ES1006) in Bali, the students participated in a beach clean-up event organised with support from @theindigov, @plastic save and, @gekodive. A total of 227 kg of plastic was collected on an undeveloped black sand beach. The Coastal Ecology section of...

Last month, as part of the Environmental Biotechnology course (ES3303, Asst Prof Adriana Lopes), 3rd and 4th year ASE students visited the Marine Aquaculture Center (MAC) on Saint John's Island (Singapore). They learned how advanced DNA techniques are helping MAC researchers to perform selective breeding of Sea bass. Big thanks to Liang Bing, Ailian Mei and Jun Hui Jiang from MAC for...


Humans of ASE is a nine-part interview series by the ASE Club Publicity team (previously published on Instagram). This part features Kathleen, undergraduate student and president of the 4th ASE Club Management Committee.


Could you do a quick self-introduction? Include an interesting fact about yourself. :-)

My name is Kathleen, I am in year 2 and I am...